Has it been too long since I was abused? Is there a statute of limitations?

Maybe not. New legislation in California may open a window for civil action for cases that are decades old. If you are considering a claim as a survivor of child sexual abuse, we urge you to seek legal counsel.

Should I go direct to my Diocese to address my complaint?

This is, of course, an option. However, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to seek legal counsel to ensure that all options are evaluated.

What is the California Catholic Diocese Victim Compensation program?

Six Catholic dioceses in California, including San Bernardino, Orange and Los Angeles, created a victim
compensation program allowing them to settle claims of clergy sexual abuse outside of court. This program is similar to others created in Colorado, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. To determine
if the compensation program is the best alternative for you, we encourage you to seek legal counsel.

What is California AB 218 and how does that affect my claim?

AB 218 is a bill currently before the California governor for signature. When signed into law, this bill will open a window for child sexual abuse victims to pursue justice. The details are complicated and we urge
survivors to seek expert advice.

I was just a child. Who will believe me?

We will. The crimes perpetrated against children by adults in positions of power are abhorrent. We understand that when a child’s trust is betrayed in this way, it does enormous damage. Keeping it a secret feels like the only solution, but this creates even more damage over time. We will listen. We will care. We will seek the best remedy available for you.

Why should I get legal representation first?

There are many potential remedies for each case of child sexual abuse. We recommend legal representation because it allows each individual to evaluate all their options. Legal representation opens avenues for both financial and non-monetary outcomes that help protect children in the future.

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