Should I go directly to Thacher School RAINN to address my complaint?

This is an option. However, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to seek legal counsel to ensure that all options are evaluated.

What is the Thacher School support fund?

The “support fund” is a partnership between the Thacher administration and Board of Trustees to provide assistance with therapy related to the trauma of sexual misconduct endured as a student at Thacher School. The fund is managed and operated by RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network).

Who was identified in the Thacher report as perpetrators?

Six alleged perpetrators were identified: Willard “Bill” Wyman, Timothy Regan, Derick Perry, Dana Vancisin, Rod “Jake” Jacobsen, and John Friborg. In addition, the report details alleged concerted efforts by former Thacher administrators to cover-up complaints and deflect blame on to the teenage victims who went to them for help.

What were the findings of the Thacher School Report?

A June 2021 report from The Thacher School shows four decades of misconduct at one of America’s most elite boarding schools. Thacher school acknowledged four decades of sexual misconduct, harassment, and “boundary crossing” by faculty members at the $64,700-a-year private boarding academy. The 90-page report was released to the public by the Thacher trustees, who concluded that the school allowed “sexual misconduct to be minimized, ignored and dismissed.”